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Washington Karate
Traditional Karate Training

Now offering online karate classes! Appropriate for all levels, adults, and children ages 6 and up. The standard Karate program has been our core program since 1966. Beginners through advanced levels may participate in all classes except for those requiring instructor permission.

Washington Karate
Online Karate Training

New online karate classes! Live, online karate training appropriate for all levels, adults, and children ages 6 and up. The online karate program is based on our standard Karate program that has been our core program since 1966. Beginners through advanced levels may participate in all classes according to their skill level.

Washington Karate
Remote School Program

In-Person Childcare in Seattle

The Washington Karate Remote School Program (WKA RSP) is an in-person childcare program in Seattle that enables K-8 and middle school students to: 1) meet their academic needs, 2) engage in healthy and critical social interaction with peers, and 3) keep physically active under the remote-learning education mandates.

Our program offers:

Washington Karate
After School Program

Where children develop skills for life!

Transportation available from the following schools:
• Broadview-Thomson
• Cascadia
• Daniel Bagley
• Greenwood
• Hazel Wolf
• Loyal Heights
• North Beach
• Robert Eagle Staff
• Salmon Bay
• St. John
• Viewlands
• West Woodland
• Whitman
• Whittier

"The Washington Karate program is an excellent way for children to develop physical, mental and emotional well-being."
(Dr. Thomas Staiger, MD Internal Medicine, UW Medical Center)



• Celebrating over 50 years in business
• Experienced, full-time instructors
• State of the art facility
• Energetic Karate class
• Supervised study center for homework
• Character Development
• Emphasis on respect and discipline
• Development of good work ethic

"I've seen an amazing increase in my sons' confidence level, self discipline, and ability to focus and be calm under pressure ‐ useful skills for any area in life that just aren't taught in schools. I highly recommend this program!"
(Kaori M., Parent, Loyal Heights El)

"After 3 years, I wouldn't think of entrusting my daughter's care to anyone else. The staff is friendly and professional, and the homework assistance is a helpful supplement to school."
(Kokie A., Parent, Salmon Bay)

Washington Karate
Kinder Karate Program

Appropriate for children ages 3-5 years. An excellent introduction to the karate environment through games and activities that enhance physical coordination, mental focus, and the ability to follow directions. Prepares children for participation in the main Karate program.

Washington Karate
Summer Camps

Appropriate for karate and non-karate practitioners alike, ages 5-14 years old. Our highly-popular, week-long summer camps fill up quickly. The Washington Karate Summer Camps are weeklong, all-day camps with activities throughout the day, ranging from hikes and park visits to artistic and special martial arts activities. Hours are 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Children may enroll for multiple camps.

Washington Karate
Self-Defense Seminars

Appropriate for adults. These short-term, intensive seminars focus on the fundamentals of self-defense, including situational awareness, hands-on evasion tactics, defensive and offensive techniques, and self-defense scenarios.